Dear Parties,

Thank you for scheduling your online mediation with me. Before proceeding below, you should have already booked your online mediation with me and received your Online Mediation Confirmation Email from our office listing your mediation date/time, Zoom details, and mediator direct contact information. Please email if you have not received your email.


Payment is per party and due 24 hours before your mediation. You may pay online using my Pay Page where we accept card, Zelle, CashApp, and Venmo. Cash is accepted by scheduling its delivery with the mediator prior to the mediation. Simply email to coordinate delivery.


You may attend your mediation remotely via Zoom online video through your computer (preferred), your smartphone, or through the App. Simply join your Zoom meeting using the Zoom details listed on your Online Mediation Confirmation Letter, and enter the Zoom “Waiting Room” and wait to be admitted by the mediator. Before the online mediation begins, ensure that Zoom is downloaded to your device (if necessary, visit to download and install Zoom to your device). Please keep your Zoom camera on, unless you are not actively participating with other parties.


At least 24 hours before your mediation begins, each party or their attorney should take care of the following:


  1. E-mail  the cell phone numbers and email addresses for all parties and attorneys. This will help the mediator contact participants quickly in case of technology failures and help participants sign agreements electronically efficiently.
  2. E-mail a client outcomes Wish List so I can gauge how far apart the parties are on the issues. Or if you prefer, e-mail me a Confidential Statement outlining the issues, facts, and legal arguments from your point of view. This statement may illustrate agreements that exist between the parties, even if those agreements have not been formally discussed. This confidential statement may contain any or all of the following:
    • Statement of disputed facts and law;
    • History of settlement negotiations if any;
    • Pleadings if any;
    • Status of discovery if relevant;
    • If children involved: Proposed parenting plan & financial information statement;
    • If divorce with property: Proposed division of property & inventory and appraisement.
    • Any other evidence or document that you believe may help you settle your case.
  3. Reach out to us if you have technical difficulties by calling our office for a 5-10 minute tech tutorial so we can answer any questions about joining your online mediation.
  4. Pay Online.


Please remember the following rules during your mediation so all participants have a safe and secure experience:


  1. Online mediation sessions are private for the parties, their attorneys, and their AGREED-UPON guests. Do not appear with other friends or family members without agreement with the other side or prior approval by the mediator.
  2. The parties and their attorneys must attend the mediation session. I generally do not accept agents, proxies, or individuals with “power of attorneys” standing in for participants.
  3. Mediation participants should appear from a private location, free from distractions, and if necessary, should wear headphones so nearby individuals cannot listen in on the mediation conversation. While appearing from a parked vehicle may be acceptable in rare circumstances due to necessity, parties must never be driving!
  4. Mediation participants should be prepared to remain online until a settlement agreement is reached or until the mediator declares an impasse. Consequently, participants are advised to be near strong WiFi and utilize a computer (preferred) or smartphone with all-day electric power. Please have snacks and drinks nearby in case you get hungry.
  5. There will be no toleration of abusive, threatening, or criminal conduct during the mediation. The principle of self-determination requires that parties negotiate in good faith without duress.

If you have any questions prior to your mediation, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you for choosing me as your mediator. I will do everything possible to facilitate settlement of this case.


Mac-Arthur Pierre-Louis


Concluding Your Mediation

My Mediations typically end 1 of 3 ways:
-By full agreement,
-By partial agreement,
-By an impasse (no agreement).
Agreements can also be temporary agreements where the parties return to finalize a future agreement.
Finally, a mediation may be recessed with no agreement, but continued on a future date to attempt a full, partial, or temporary agreement.
If any kind of agreement is reached, the parties will electronically sign a Mediated Settlement Agreement (MSA) using my e-sign tool. If there are no attorneys on either side, then I will provide multiple referrals the parties can seek out to help convert their MSA into a formal court order.